Planet Coexist Mission

To create events, systems, programs, partnerships & fellowships, focused on the four levels of Integrative Planetary Wellness - personal, social, environmental and integral - to create effective and longlasting holistic wellness worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help facilitate the process toward integrated planetary wellness, by creating opportunities for individuals and groups to create compassionate and conscious vehicles for change, related to the cause of coexistence, in all forms, on this planet, we call Earth.

Through advocacy, community organizing, live & on-line discussion forums, event planning and much more - Planet Coexist acts as a hub for eco-spiritual ventures world wide.

Our intent is to create an organization that truly reflects this - a wikipedia of organizations - doing it's best to allow as many voices as possible to be heard and balanced within the unity of all things. To allow for all things to coexist in harmony. Not allowing any one philosophy or belief system, group or sets of individuals, to hold any more merit or weight than the other. To truly reflect the vision that the parts make the whole and best operate when working together - all honored and appreciated.

To this end, we strive to create an organization that truly reflects its name.

As many have said in these great times of change, "We are the ones we've been waiting for!" So, let us join together, honoring our differences... and from that place of deep honor and respect, choose to come together as ONE. ONE People, ONE Planet, ONE World.

Come join the fun!

Peace, Paz, Shalom, Salaam, Pace, Fred, Namaste... and much more!!

What is "Eco-Spiritual Living"?

Eco-Spiritual Living is a term that signifies the need for ongoing spiritual renewal, both within ourselves and in the community, focusing on the relationship between the environment and the spirit.

It is a transcultural, transnational, transethnic & transreligious approach to basic human living that expresses the desire to reestablish its connection to the earth-based and mystical traditions of the world. Eco-Spiritual represents the need to find a balance between self and others, secular and sacred, inner and outer work and the unity of it all. This approach recognizes the importance of pluralism within a unified global culture, vision and in a practical level, it's economy. It is the allowance for and the cultivation of a diversity of beliefs within a unified world. In essence, this approach to life reminds us that all the peoples of the earth - religious, national, ethnic, etc. are the many tribes that make up the one nation of humanity. Each community or approach to life is but one flavor of spirituality or philosophy practical application that makes up the rainbow of the human spiritual and practical experience. To thrive as a people, on this planet, we must remember that we each have a unique place in the body of the global community and that each part needs to help out the other for wholeness. It is a process of addressing, understanding, appreciating, honoring and celebrating our diversity within the context of our unity. :-)

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