SIPS Gathering

Planet Coexist was created with a strong passion for the environment.  Utilizing the abundance of national parks and preserved state land in the area, we provided a space for community transformational events that included a direct connection to the land.  It was our philosophy that through direct connection to the land and programs geared toward human potential and creation bringing us into our greatness, we would make both ourselves and the planet shine, sustainably... and eventually thrive.

The SIPS of Peace gathering (SIPS - Swords Into PlowShares) was our first event!

Former Invite:

You are invited to a Peace extravaganza at Tanque Verde Falls that is bringing it all together - celebrating the Unifying of our community and the time for Peace on Planet Earth.

Date: Saturday, November 5th, 3:33 pm

The Falls will be kept alive and open for all to come throughout a 14 day period, and will build to a GRAND FINALE!

Click here to find out more about the 11-11 Project event that took place over the course of this extraveganza. 

Over the course of this event, we will be embracing a space of healing & transformation, for the purpose of building the energy of inner and outer peace, here and NOW... you don't have to wait for it!  It's inside of you, around you, between you and your friend, your neighbor and your foe... come and find it with us during this weekend of celebration.  This gathering is a rally, of community, for community, to positively benefit the planet, and all its individual pieces - including us.

Teachers are just as essential to building healthy communities as students.  We invite you to come and bring your inner teacher, as well as your receptive parts.  This event has been created to support attendants of all ages.  Individual and group centered programming and services (including children’s festivities) will shine, and light up the space, throughout the space at Tanque Verde Falls.

Come join an international community in the sweet desert of the Southwest.

Come conjouring up your passion, inspiration, enlightenment, power, heart and of course fun.

What to bring: Organic food and drink to share, healing instruments & talents yoga, chanting, healing, dance, music, participation and any other special talents would be a great asset to the celebration as well.  Examples would be: music of all sorts (drums, guitars, rattles, bells, etc.), crystals & stones (for healing), incense & oils, and all your performance heART's content.

We encourage you to invite people far and wide - this was the first gathering point of settled civilization, after humans crossed the ice-brige millenia ago - let it be a gathering point again.  A gathering point, this time with the intention toward helping to create a new wolrd - a world centered in love and peace, joy and freedom.


If you would like to volunteer for the event, please contact us at

In addition, Planet Coexist is always energized and ready for any gifts, services, products, donations, energy, phone calls, time, partners, comments, suggestions, grant writing, organizational skills, free time whatever you have we can use it! If you want to help beyond the SIPS of Peace Gathering, we would love to have you join the family. Anything would be greatly appreciated. We are about building community; we cannot do it alone.

If you have any questions, or need a poster, handouts, or information please don’t hesitate to contact

E-mail for more information.