About the Gathering
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Schedule for Saturday, the Day of Learning

Planet Coexist, a fully integrated, wholistic global network, serving as a hub, brewing pot, and advocate for ventures geared toward harmonious planetary, regional, communal and individual living world-wide, is hosting the first ever C.A.R.E. Gathering, on February 17th-19th (Fri-Sun), out in the magical desert of Tanque Verde Falls.

The Coexist-Antz Responsibility Extravaganza (CARE) Gathering, begins at sundown on Friday, where we, as diverse strands of community, come together to explore the opportunity of how both individual and collective responsibility for both our planet and ourselves might very well be one of the key ingredients to coexistence on this planet and in our communities. Friday at sundown we begin with the opening ceremonies and community creative share of collective talents. Saturday, beginning at sunrise, we will have a "Day of Learning", where free classes, discussion groups, etc. will be provided by community members (local & national) in topics ranging from the heart's content. The variety ranges on the individuals and collectives in the community who choose to step up and take responsibility as a bearer and sharer of knowledge. The day will be followed at sunset by an evening festival of good food, fun times and unwinding from a day of fullness! Sunday, will be broken up into three parts, as a personal and collective unfolding of "Journeys of Passage." The day begins at 5am, with "Projects of Service", followed by "Ceremonies of Preparation" beginning at 8am, and then concluding with a three-part ceremony at noon, focusing on, "Ceremonies of Commitment & Responsibility". The gathering concludes with a sunset celebration of good food, music and enjoyment, to sanctify our journies of passage! For a more detailed description and event registration, please visit our website at www.planetcoexist.com.

Meals for the entire gathering will be provided collectively. We ask that people bring ONLY organic foods and drinks only. Planet Coexist is looking for volunteers to help bring the CARE Gathering to Tucson this February - please contact our office with ways you would like to offer support .