Sparks of Peace Nov 7th-11th

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Sparks of Peace is a peace-building project that aims to bring together communities of all faiths and backgrounds with the goal of promoting communication, collaboration, and peace. Our mission is to activate and celebrate Tucson’s wonderfully diverse community, in exploration of personal and planetary peace and wellness by bringing international leaders and teachers committed to this process. By offering a series of programs highlighting the opportunities for peace and creative cultural cooperation surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Sparks of Peace seeks to impact local and international arenas and model pathways to peace.

Project Description
The Sparks of Peace Tucson Events will take place at a wide variety of Tucson-area locations – the Islamic Center, Synagogues, the U of A, the Tucson Jewish Community Center and the Temple of Music and Art; from Nov. 7th–11th, 2007. There will be numerous presentations by Eliyahu McLean of the Jerusalem Peacemakers and Ghassan Manasra, Sufi leader and director of the Anwar il-Salaam school in Nazareth, that will be interactive and informative. On Saturday night a gala benefit will bring the whole community together to share in art, music, food, dance, and various presentations focusing on the spectrum of peace.

Sparks of Peace Image
Religious leaders bless olive tree, photo by Rudy Halbright